Thursday, April 19, 2018

Rudy Tootie and other outrageous crap

Donnie Fiasco with his favorite drag queen
Rudy Giuliani was an accomplice in every crime Mueller's investigating, and now he's joining Donnie Fiasco's legal team ? What a goddamned clusterfuck. Those two assholes were made for each other.

Added 2:36 PM Friday: I just knew this was coming.

Added 3:56 PM Friday: Charles Pierce @ Esquire on the release of the Comey memoranda. It's pretty clear that every single thing Republicans are now saying and doing may as well be marked ATTENTION FOX NEWS AND TRUMP VOTERS, because they've stopped caring what the rest of us think.

If Donnie had been severely punished the first few times he broke the law, he might be a better person today. Even if he wasn't, he wouldn't be a so-called precedent (sic) because he'd be locked up somewhere.

Added 7:51 PM Friday: Donnie's one of those assholes who's too stupid to know how much he doesn't know. If he was only working the cash register at some drugstore, he'd just be a guy people laughed at behind his back

Monday, April 16, 2018

Morally Unfit?

James Comey used his TV interview to give so-called precedent (sic) Donnie Schitz a dose of his own medicine, and Donnie doesn't like it much.

Added 3:23 PM Tuesday: Just for the hell of it, I'm thinking it'd be a hoot if Gorsucks ended up being the opposite of what Donnie Schitz believed he was getting when the pick was made.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

This Week Inside the Reich

The worthless losers who agree with Donnie TRashdUMP that an investigation of his crimes equals an attack against America would have felt right at home in Germany during the 1930's.

Paul Ryan, the cheese prince, announced his plan to retire from politics. This should be something to celebrate, but I've learned from experience that when we get rid of one rotten Republican, there's usually one who's even worse waiting to take his place.

Has anyone told TRashdUMP that the Constitution doesn't allow him to interfere with the Mueller investigation?

Remember when Donnie and the GOP promised their Tax Freedom for Billionaires package was going to make America great again, because of the tax cuts for the middle class? There's nothing that bunch can't fuck up.

Monday, April 9, 2018


Protect Social Security and Medicare? Protect the environment? Protect public health? Protect public education? Protect civil rights? Protect consumers? Are you kidding? The GOP answer is, "The only thing we're going to protect is Donnie Trump's ass."

That explains why Republicans are basing their campaigns on the threat that Democrats will definitely IMPEACH TRUMP if they regain the majority in Congress in November. This is expected to scare the party's base into voting, instead of sitting out the election.

It would be hilarious if the plan backfires, and Democratic voter turnout gets a huge pro-impeachment boost instead.

Tell me again what people see in this fat motherfucker...

The hair god isn't worth protecting...

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Off the Watch List

I think I probably watched three or four episodes of Roseanne Barr's old crappy show, and I guarantee you I won't watch any episodes of her new crappy show. I stopped watching network TV because they show crap like Donnie's reality show and Roseanne's white trash sitcoms. As I recall, i quit viewing ABC, CBS and NBC regularly around the time Jerry Seinfeld's show was wrapping up its run (maybe the sixth or seventh season?).

Friday, March 23, 2018

Amateur Hour

Donnie Wet Fart lives in the confined world of reality TV shows, which is why an oily shyster like Joe diGenova slid over from Fox News to Donnie's legal team this week. I expect Robert Mueller is trembling with fear over this dramatic plot twist.

Updated 12:06 PM Saturday 24 March: In Donnie's mind, he's playing the greatest president in American history on the highest-rated TV reality show ever. The cast members playing his cabinet are supposed to gaze at him adoringly, praise his courage and the brilliance of his decisions, and treat the chance to serve him as a blessing from god. Donnie's even staged some cabinet meetings strictly for the TV audience viewing at home.

Now we're just waiting to see what happens when Fantasy World has a head-on collision with Brutal Reality.

Update 11:21 AM Sunday: In Fantasy World, all the best attorneys are itching for the opportunity to join Donnie Wet Fart's crack legal team, and make eleventy millions of dollars too.




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