Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Obama Cure

We can add a new item to add to the list of Stupid Shit You Believe if You're a Real Republican:

Other items on the list:
  • The Texas voter ID requirements are essential to eliminate massive fraud.
  • Texas abortion laws are necessary to protect the health of pregnant women.
  • Massive tax cuts for wealthy people will result in higher-paying jobs for everyone else.
  • Deregulation of businesses will result in higher-paying jobs for everyone else.
  • Eliminating corporate liability through "tort reform" will result in higher-paying jobs for everyone else.
  • The secret to solving all our health care problems: Eliminate medical malpractice lawsuits.
  • The best way to reduce gun violence: more people carrying more guns in more places.
  • Turning essential public services over to profit-oriented corporations will result in vastly improved services at a small fraction of the current cost.
  • Conservative Christians are the most persecuted people in America.
  • Writing checks to politicians equals free speech.
There are more, but you get the idea.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Garrison Keillor on Consequences

Tonight I read an editorial page column in the Chronicle, written by Garrison Keillor on the topic of Donald Trump. It closes with this appraisal:

" [Trump's reaction to] -- the Orlando tragedy is one more clue that this election is different from any other. If Mitt Romney or John McCain had been elected president, you might be disappointed, but you wouldn't fear for the fate of the Republic. This time, the Republican Party is nominating a man who resides in the dark depths. He is a thug and he doesn't bother to hide it. The only greatness he knows about is himself.

So the country is put to a historic test. If the man is not defeated, then we are not the country we imagine we are. All of the trillions spent on education was a waste. The churches should close up shop. The nation that elects this man president is not a civilized society. The gentleman is not airing out his fingernail polish, he is not showing off his wedding ring; he is making an obscene gesture. Ignore it at your peril."

This is the best summary of the problem I've read so far. I wish I'd written it first.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Shoot 'em if you got 'em.

From Think Progress, dated 6 March 2016:

"Gun owners in West Virginia will no longer need to get a permit to have a concealed weapon, putting it among the most far-reaching states for gun rights. The House voted on the measure Friday and officially overrode a gubernatorial veto on Saturday.

When the law kicks in on May 26, West Virginia will become one of eight states that allow concealed carry without a permit. Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, and Wyoming are so-called constitutional carry states. In Wyoming, the law applies to residents only."

Okay, I understand Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, West Virginia, and Wyoming. But what the hell's going on with Maine and Vermont?

A poll taken in West Virginia last February showed 71 percent of the state's voters thought a permit should be required for concealed carry. Apparently the West Virginia legislature is much more fucked up than the population as a whole.

Friday, May 13, 2016


Some people think Rafael (Ted) Cruz should refund his Senate salary since he spent most of the past year running for president instead of handling the duties he was theoretically elected to perform.

There are no positive outcomes to be had here. We can either pay Eduardo to swan around the country, pretending to be the Face of God for yahoos, assholes and rednecks, or we can pay him to participate in Senate affairs. Overall, he probably does less damage to America when he's prissing for trailer trash.

The only way we won't be wasting money on this con artist is by dismissing the motherfucker from public service altogether. Given that at least 51 percent of Texas voters are worthless imbeciles, we can scratch that option. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016


It's hard to accept an egomaniac with a ridiculous haircut like Thumper being a major party's presidential candidate until you read the online comments of the drooling idiots, nose pickers, and uneducated sociopaths who are members of his fan club. They're just waiting to be plucked, like low-hanging fruit. As a group, Trump voters are the most gullible fools in the United States -- totally incapable of comprehending reality. Trump has made a living off conning morons for decades, and he has it down pat.