Sunday, July 22, 2018


Among Trump voters, Russians are more popular than Puerto Ricans (who are legally citizens of the United States).

Two Republican congressmen not only recognize reality, but are willing to talk about it openly to the media.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Say a little prayer for dumbass voters

The fat s.o.b. has no apparent moral values, but I have a feeling that every night, when he's finished watching Fox News and munching snacks, Donnie the Hump thanks some sort of god for creating millions of mental defectives. You know, the dregs of humanity who are keeping him Above the Law within the Republican Party.

If you're a Republican politician who has a little moral fiber and self-respect, your choices aren't that numerous. First option is bite your tongue and be as inconspicuous as possible, then wait to see what Mueller's working on and hope it's bad enough for Donnie the Hump that it makes the environment safer for you in the GOP. The other option is to say and do the right thing, and accept the consequences.

As someone who voted for Bill Clinton, it was hard to get through the Monica scandal because there was no way to defend the s.o.b. I was still a government employee at the time, so politics weren't discussed with other staff at the office, and that made life simpler. But looking back, Bill Clinton was a paragon of virtue compared to Hump (the proverbial 1,000 pounds of dogshit in a one-ounce sack).

You show me a guy who defends Donnie the Hump by repeating the "I misspoke" excuse, and I'll show you an asshole who's so goddamned stupid I don't even want to know his name.

PS: Any time Huckleberry Sanders tries to work the press, we get a glimpse of just how stupid Donnie and his accomplices think Americans really are...

Friday, July 13, 2018


There's only one question every Republican should be forced to answer: If identical evidence was presented in investigations of President Barack Obama (or President Hillary Clinton), would Obama (or Clinton) be accused of treason by Fox News and every Republican in Congress?

Case closed.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Civil Service

I'm waiting for the day when MAGA maggots who appear regularly on TV are scared to dine in a restaurant because they believe the food they'll be served has a little extra flavoring (phlegm, snot, piss, turd, scab, etc.) added by the kitchen staff or the serving staff. The meal doesn't really have to be contaminated as long as people like Kellyanne, Mitch or Sean are afraid it will be.

Somebody needs to plant the idea on Twitter that food service workers are secretly planning to protest The Huge Orange Hemorrhoid by hiding nasty stuff in food, then wait for it to go viral.

Update 12:34 PM Wednesday: I really like the idea of shaming the motherfuckers, too.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Mitch bitch

It's possible that on any given day, the chinless wonder can make a strong bid for the cherished title of The Worst Fucking Republican Asshole Ever Born. If he wasn't the Senate Majority Leader, he'd just be another Louie Gohmert or Ted Cruz, but having the added power of that position means his rottenness earns bonus points.

A face even a mother would hate

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Wasted time, wasted money

Those of us who have been paying attention always knew The Big Orange Hemorrhoid was just wasting U.S. tax dollars on a dog-and-pony show for his fan club. The Summit in Singapore was a joke, with no realistic possibility that any substantive changes for the better would result from it. Donnie was too lazy to prepare, and Kim happily exploited the fat fool for his own propaganda purposes.

Normally, having a president taken to the woodshed and spanked by North Korea's dictator would be a bitter pill to swallow. But this asshole is not a real president, and these are not normal times. When a situation's this desperate, things probably need to get much worse before they will get better, and that's what I'm expecting.




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