Thursday, February 23, 2017

When will things start getting great again?

How does Sean Spicer live with himself?

He obviously needs the check that comes with the job, and he obviously has no conscience or ethical standards of any kind. Otherwise, he'd have resigned several weeks ago, instead of swimming in the river of shit created by the so-called precedent (sic).

Now that an azzwhole is in the White House and there are no longer any restrictions on what Republicans can do, we can probably expect to see more lunatics with pistols in shitholes like Kansas, shooting people who look like Muslims (even though they aren't)

Why the fuck is the azzwhole's daughter proposing tax legislation?

I'm always looking for new ways to refer to the fat, repulsive azzwhole without having to use a real name, and the Internet has plenty of choices. My favorite as of today is Comrade Creamsicle.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

History in the making

If things continue at this pace, history will be made. Never before will so many people have started and ended their political careers in the first few weeks of a president's term in office. I just made that up, but I'm fairly sure that everyone who serves in Chip Dip's administration will never work in government again when it's finally over. Whenever that happens to be.

Of course, people like DeVos, Ben Carson, Steve Bannon and Donald himself should never have held government jobs of any kind in the first place.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fucking Brat

Every American citizen should be outraged by a so-called president who must be pampered like a spoiled child, including the manner in which intelligence briefings are prepared and presented to his royal heinie.

For some reason, this doesn't bother most Republicans. That's because they're also assholes.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Sometimes I think it's helpful to understand how the world appears to my enemies, so I thought this piece in Washington Monthly was interesting as a look at how hardcore right-wing media are evaluating the power struggle between President Bannon and Priebus.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Incompetence and Ignorance

Washington Monthly says that the so-called president embodies everything we expect from the Republicans.

Added 11:19 AM on Tuesday 14 February: If America finally decides to clean house, it'd be nice if the Cheese Prince, Paul Ryan, was swept out with the so-called president and his butt buddy Pence. And there's no reason to keep rat-faced Jason Chaffetz around.

The so-called president is worried about security leaks? If I was a famous American novelist and decided to write the ultimate satire about the worst U.S. president ever and how he destroyed civilization in North America, I could win a Pulitzer by just relating the tale of this fat pig, how he got elected, and what he did after he took office.

Added 1:49 PM on Tuesday 14 February: This article in Politicus USA was enough to get me fired up on a cold, gray morning. Let's kick ass and take names.