Saturday, February 17, 2018

STFU's for Saturday afternoon

Steve Scalise survived a gunshot wound. It didn't make him smarter, or a better person. In the movies, he would have been changed in some positive way, but this is real fucking life.

Donnie Dud would be a lot better off if he could remember that in the digital age, there are all kinds of records of things he's said and done over the last five years or so. He keeps telling lies about himself that can be shot down in an hour or less, and usually are. Donnie lives in the world of Let's Pretend.

A quick STFU for Sunday afternoon: Another asshole from South Carolina (one of many) believes school shootings would stop if principals were whipping ass all day and we could run back the clock to about 1960, when Andy Griffith was the sheriff in Mayberry. (This is code language for bringing back school prayer and segregation).

Monday, February 12, 2018

Women. Can't live with 'em...

Donnie Dump isn't really disgusted by men who physically abuse their wives; he's disgusted because he has to interrupt his "executive time" to answer questions about a controversy.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


When Rex Tillerson, the so-called Secretary of State, says the U.S. can't prevent Russia from rigging our 2018 elections, he really means we won't be doing anything to stop them because it helps Republicans.

I can remember when we'd have an American election and there would never be any goddamned Nazis running as Republicans. That's another way Donnie Doughnuts is making America great again: giving all the cockroaches an opportunity to skitter around in broad daylight.

Charles Pierce @ Esquire with more commentary regarding the Russian threat to our electoral process. What if we got stuck with this so-called precedent (sic) because the Russians were able to change vote totals in a few states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan? There's no way that information would ever be made public.

A nice short essay by Ramona Grigg. 

Donnie Doughnuts is too lazy to read daily intelligence briefings and makes policy decisions based on crap he watches on Fox News. Sooner or later, this is gonna cause a serious problem.

It just gets better and better. Apparently, Donnie's people have figured out a way to have Russians foot the bill for his legal fees.

Even the hairdo is phony.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Hand Jobs

So-called precedent (sic) Donny Phatazz watches Fox News several hours each day, and considers Sean Handjob an important confidential advisor. This is one of many reasons things are so fucked up these days.

Wisconsin Cheese Prince Pablo Ryan wants everyone to celebrate their new wealth, a product of his Tax Freedom for Billionaires plan.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Riddle

Tonight, the Golden Shithole will stare at a teleprompter for an hour or so, and read a lot of garbage written for him by the worthless trash who work in the White House. The so-called precedent's (sic) so-called State of the Union address will be self-congratulatory horse shit, efforts to take credit for Obama's accomplishments, and the usual obvious lies and illiterate gibberish. It'll be on virtually every free TV channel, and about 96 percent of the audience will idiots, white trash, religious lunatics, gluttons for punishment, and traitors. The other 4 percent will be people who are required to watch it for some reason (e.g., they're being paid to).

I deliberately avoided every televised speech Bush 43 made. I hate the Golden Shithole at least 1,000 times as much as I hated W, so there's no goddamned way in hell I'm watching this waste of oxygen, tonight or ever. I'll read about the televised abortion later on the Internet.

Here's the riddle:

Q: How is the Golden Shithole different from Hitler?
A: Hitler had a mustache and went to war against the Russians. Otherwise, pretty much the same.

Personal Property of Putin

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Bring him a sammich, woman.

Courtland Sykes? Who names a boy Courtland? Anyway, this dog booger is a Republican running for the Senate in Missouri, and he's making all white males look bad. Of course, the ability to make all white males look bad has been a requirement for GOP membership since 1980.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Facing the Horror at Donny's Shithole

The last poll I saw showed that Donny Trumpery is strongly supported by about 26 percent of American voters, and I'm willing to bet most of them haven't been in the same room with caviar. But one of Donny's fans who's willing to give away large money to be near him isn't a happy camper... she was expected to eat caviar with crackers and a plastic spoon. The donors get abused like this, and they want to take out their anger on immigrants.




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